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We are expanding – new US West Coast location

We are very pleased to anounce our new additional US West Coast location in Livermore (CA).

„The Hasenbräu brand is unique and stands for outstanding quality beer. I’m very proud to be part of that family“, says Andy Shepherd, Managing Director of the newly opened US West Coast branch.

He is convinced that only the best quality beer is going to survive within that highly competitive market. Therefore he states: „All the beers are well designed and are constantly undergoing an internal quality testing process. That’s a challenging process but is utmost important to ensure everlasting success. We owe that to our customers!“.

Shepherd himeself is a well experienced brew master. He started is career already early in his childhood while his father was already brewing beer. Andy is well respected in the community as a virtuosic recipe maker and a very good addition to the Hasenbräu Team. His broad drinking experience ensures that he understands the market requirements better than any other.

The new branch is well equiped with latest technology and is made up for scale. According to Shepherd: „My 2 gallon brew kettle provides a perfect base for future expansion. I can easily scale up to 4 gallons by running a double batch to meet the every day increasing demand by the market.“

The headquarter already audited the branch and can assure that Hasenbäru Livermore meets all the high standards, which also included a quality testing in high quantities.

Hasenbräu Solothurn warmly welcomes the new additional Branch. It fits well besides the existing US branches in Sandy Hook (CT) and Oakland (CA).

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Stay with Ukraine – Danke für eure Unterstützung!

Leider geht der Krieg in der Ukraine unvermittelt weiter und ein Ende ist nicht in Sicht. Eine wahre Tragödie.

Bei unserer Sammelaktion im März haben wir 1810 Fr. gesammelt. Wir haben dann gleich auf 2000 Fr. aufgerundet und dies umgehend der Glückskette gespendet.

Danke euch allen für die tolle Unterstützung!

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Hasenbrau Sandy Hook

Despite of the Covid-19 pandemic (and maybe thanks to), Hasenbrau is expanding again to new locations. Youngest child is Hasenbrau Sandy Hook, our new US east coast division which opened their doors in the middle of the economic slow down. We are more than proud of our newest investment and it’s another great milestone in the history of Hasenbrau international.

Steve Langdon is taking over the responsibility to fulfil the highest quality standard Hasenbrau is promising to their customers: „Where quality meets ABV“. With his background as manufacturing manager he is a perfect match for this challenge.

After a long preparation time, the international Hasenbrau team coached him live on his first brewing day. Due to its international nature, it was only possible with the highest commitment Hasenbrau knows – the highest. Particularly, for Andy (Hasenbrau US West Coast) it was lunch time, for Manuel (Hasenbrau HQ Switzerland) it was evening. As brewing also includes beer drinking, you might imagine the challenges we were facing.

Steve – Hasenbrau is counting on you! We are proud to have you on board as our new member!

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Virtueller Charity Brautag 2020

Here we go! Hier der Livestream. Nebst Hasenbräu Solothurn, wird auch Hasenbräu Oakland zeitversetzt mit ihrem Brautag zuschalten. Demnach, die sind die Meetings auch unterschiedlich in der gesprochenen Sprache.

Wichtige Zeiten:

  • 11:00, Deutsch: Beginn Brauen, Stream geht Live, zuprosten zum ersten Bier oder Schümli Pflümli – es ist ja schon 11!
  • 15:00, Deutsch: Nachmittagsumtrunk
  • 18:00 (9am PST), English: Kick-off brewing day Hasenbräu Oakland California.
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Hasenbräu Oakland

About half a year ago we were already talking about a new branch opening in Oakland California. Now, a few months later, the new location is fully up and running. Greg Stevens and Andy Shepherd are our new stars in the sky.

The brewing equipment is highly sophisticated – all engineered and built in-house. Their brand new brew tower is well conceived. Beside a lot of bells and whistles, the core bling-bling is that all vessels are vertically movable by an electrical lift!

We’re impressed and very happy to see that our franchising concept of our brewery is successful. Hasenbräu Oakland is hereby using the same recipes as the Swiss headquarter – just tuned with some odd Oakland Mathematics.

If you are around in Oakland – let them know.

Following some impressions:

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Bierkulturreise Oslo-Bergen

Traditionsgemäss machten wir uns auch dieses Jahr auf den Weg die Biere der Welt zu erkunden – dieses Jahr in Norwegen.

Fun facts: In vier Tagen haben wir 111 verschiedene Bier degustiert!

Folgend ein paar Impressionen.

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Rückblick Brauifest

Das Brauifest bei der Hof-Braui in Lohn Ammannsegg war ein voller Erfolg. Nochmals herzlichen Dank an das Team der Hof-Braui für das Organisieren. Wir hatten viel Spass bei euch zu Gast zu sein.

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The student has become the master!

Vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr hat Christopher und Irene mit unserem Citra Pale Ale Rezept mit Brauen angefangen. Aus Spass wurde Ernst und es entstand die Brauerei Maihof – inzwischen Hoflieferant der Jazzkantine Luzern.

Damit nicht genug! Das Citra Pale Ale hat nun an den Luzerner Bier Kultur Tagen den 1. Platz in der Kategorie Durstlöscher gewonnen.

Herzliche Gratulation an die Brauerei Maihof – sozusagen unsere Schwester-Brauerei!

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Aecht Tradition

Die Brauerei Schlenkerla in Bamberg ist für ihre Rauchbiere weltbekannt, insbesondere für das Aecht Schlenkerla. Wie auch die Hasenbräu handelt es sich dabei um eine traditionsreiche Brauerei in Familienbesitz.

Da uns Tradition und gutes Bier verbindet, hat nun Sophie unsere Biere mit nach Bamberg gebracht um diese dem Braumeister und Geschäftsführer Matthias Trum zur Verkostung zu bringen. In diesem Sinne, prost Matthias und danke Sophie!

Zwei glückliche Menschen mit Hasenbräu: Matthias Trum und Sophie Ranner
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Hasenbräu goes West

Um die stetige Nachfrage an der US Westküste zu befriedigen, gibt es nun auch eine Niederlassung in Oakland Kalifornien. Hier ein paar Impressionen vom ersten Brautag:

Special thanks goes to Lisa, Greg and Andy!